What I have been up to

Hi readers! How are you going? Please do tell me in the comments!

I’m going fine myself! It’s the summer holidays, which means that there’s no school! Usually during the school term, I can only really pursue one hobby on work days and then on my day off, I am a bit fatigued, so don’t do much, but with the holidays I have both the time AND the energy to do things, so this is a post with how I spend my days.

Reading the Bible

I’d have to start here, as this (along with praying) have been the most worthwhile things I’ve been doing. Right now I’m midway through Jeremiah, which is a fantastic book! Just today, I was reading how Jeremiah prayed to God asking him why on earth he was commanded to buy a field when God had explicitly said how Jerusalem was going to fall in a brutal manner. However, one really cool thing was how at a first glance, the prayer didn’t even seem to be about that, but rather looked like Jeremiah was just worshipping God! In fact, Jeremiah got so carried away praising God for his mercy and justice that he only got to the field thing at the end at it was only a fifth as long as him praising God! I hope that someday I’ll be like Jeremiah, not being able to stop worshipping God! Anyway, bible reading was how I’ve been spending some of my time.


I love music! Firstly, isn’t it amazing we enjoy sequences of frequencies? God could have easily made a monotone world or one where we don’t care about music, but instead he gifts us with a liking for sounds!

Now that it’s December, it’s socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music, so we don’t need to hide under covers to enjoy it alone, away from the frowns of the cruel, unfestive public. Christmas music and music in general, has just given me so much joy lately! (by the way, Corin Gregg wrote an excellent article on the rebelution about that here). I don’t want to give too much of my favourite music away, because I’d like to copy Shanessa’s idea and have a music day, but I’ll give my favourite genre away…

drumroll please: “drum, drum, drum”… Bluegrass! I do love the sounds of the instruments playing the music and they fit together so well! Also, if you know where to look, you can find super talented players, performing complicated melodies that are followable the first time listening, but have such a depth that the 30th time listening you can find new things to love about them. That’s really all I have to say on why I love the genre. I had to think a bit to come up with reasons I love it. Often love just doesn’t make sense!


I really didn’t expect to do as much of this as I’ve been doing. I live in the city, but a nice suburb, where after a 20 minute walk, one can find a few really nice bushwalks. It’s just good to get away from everything, bring a bible and christian book with you (strategy of limiting entertainment options) and just walking.

Now most of you have got really nice photos on your blog, so I’m excited to have some, too! A few weeks ago, there was camp, so I got to do a lot of walking there and Tom, a friend, took some photos!

There were Kangaroos at our first campsite! In many campsites, you’ll find them. By the way, on the bus back, we passed two small fields with as many kangaroos concentrated there as people doing shopping on a non-coronavirus day. They even are a pest, eating some of our camp’s wraps.
This is what most of the scenery looked like. Mostly, the mountains didn’t really have steep inclines. The weather was also surprisingly good! That is, until Thursday, where there were 60-80km/h winds with rain and cold, but no snow! And we’re alive!
Here’s one of me. (Gosh, I really need to update that 2 year old photo on the about page. Edit: Done!)

Thanks a lot for reading! Is there anything I can pray for you guys?


5 thoughts on “What I have been up to

  1. 💕🌺Shanessa💕🌺 says:

    I’ve been up to a lot! I was in a abusive home before and I got removed by CPS and now I’m living with my sis and her family. And its a big adjustment but I’m doing really well! I’m starting therapy in Tuesday (no I am not crazy lol) and I’m gonna be starting school in January thats a big thing for me cause I have been homeschooled my whole life. And its gonna be new friends new things that I might be interested in! You should definitely have a music day! You wouldn’t really be copying my idea😉 you like bluegrass too? Thats like one of my favorite genres!! Oh nice kangaroos! Ok so this not meant to be weird in anyway but I believe people should say what they think. And I think you are very handsome 😊 your smile is very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ben Clark says:

      Wow! That’s a big change in life. May the everconstant God be with you, as he promised he would! Great to hear you’re doing well, though! I’ve always wondered how it’s like to be homeschooled! How is it? I hope you keep that positive outlook when you start school! Yes, after reminding us to be crazy at the end of each blog post, how are you going to explain how you’re not? ;). Also, yay! Another bluegrass fan! You’re the third person I know who listens to it! Thanks for reading and leaving the loving comment! I’m working on remembering to pray, so I’ll try to pray for you! God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 💕🌺Shanessa💕🌺 says:

        Yeah it is. Thank you He’s been with me and He will continue. Being homeschooled? Man it was awful it’s not like that’s for everyone but it was for me cause of my situation. Like I told you. I am probably so behind but we’ll see. Yeah, I will I’ll also be the quiet one haha. But I’ll be friendly! 😉 that’s nice! I grew up listening to bluegrass! Your very welcome! sorry if I made anything weird with that last part. Thank you so much! I would appreciate that. God bless you also.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ben Clark says:

          Don’t worry, you make everything weird anyway, but in a really good way ;)! I’m really sorry to hear about your family situation. It’s a good thing you’ve got our heavenly father always, who is way better than any earthly parent.

          Liked by 1 person

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