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Hi readers! How are you going? Please do tell me in the comments! I'm going fine myself! It's the summer holidays, which means that there's no school! Usually during the school term, I can only really pursue one hobby on work days and then on my day off, I am a bit fatigued, so don't … Continue reading What I have been up to



Can I bury this fruit? Once blossoming, big beaut' Rest in the earth, fast asleep hugged by tender, loving roots Don't feel lonely, buried deep For your juices I can't keep With your friends of dirt, please slumber Else for months on end I'll weep Over years, my grief grows number But I'll confront it; … Continue reading Bury

Prudence and Fear: The Difference for Christians is Love

Dear readers,
Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in quite a few months now. The whole bushfires here in Australia have come and gone, mostly, and there is now this new virus from China. Farmgirl4Jesus (have a look at her blog at https://farmgirl4jesus.wordpress.com/ !) has posted this great article on how Christians should respond to this Coronavirus, so… enjoy!

Faith on the Farm

Yes, today, after not posting a lot, I’m going to talk about the Coronavirus.

It’s definitely a pretty big topic right now, although I haven’t seen a whole lot of posts on it around WordPress. I have a lot of other things I could talk about including snow and all the exciting or not so exciting things happening on the farm. But I’ll save that for another post.

For right now I want to spend this post briefly talking about what is on my heart right now.

It seems to me that early on there were three different primary reactions to the Coronavirus.

The big one was fear. That scary looming thing creeping up out of the unknown. And yes, it’s very real, particularly now that things are progressing more.

Then a lot of Christians responded with Scripture, as they should. Beautiful, uplifting Scripture. After all, how many times does…

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a small rant on advertisements (debunking or whatever the word is)

Good morning/evening! Nice to see you. You've probably seen in the title something about this article: I'll be trying to strip open as many advertisements as I can get my greedy little hands on. Let's begin! SpotifyIf you are someone like me, you neither have the money nor the desire to get to the paid … Continue reading a small rant on advertisements (debunking or whatever the word is)